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At Virgin Life Care we strive to deliver substantial benefits to clients, insurers, employers and employees through a range of fun, accessible, engaging and effective health interventions.

Why? Because healthy people are happy people! As a direct result of our specialist health interventions, we can reduce medical aid claims and expenditure, reduce absenteeism and enhance workplace culture and productivity – all of which significantly lower the costs for insurers and employers alike.

So, tour our site and see how we can customise a corporate health intervention that will show results where it matters most…on your bottom line!

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The Virgin Way! Healthy. Innovative. Fun.

Whatever we do, we do it in true Virgin style! Not shy, not apologetic but big and bold and life changing. After all, change management should be an empowering experience. And in our hands, it is. This is because Virgin Life Care provides the knowledge, tools, support and ongoing motivation to sustain engagement…for life!

It’s the science of health management delivered through fun, interactive and personalised interventions.

Living healthy was never this enjoyable!

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Proudly Virgin.

Virgin Life Care is part of the world-renowned Virgin Group, founded by Sir Richard Branson.

Virgin, the world over
Virgin is one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands with a unique culture and reputation for challenging the conventional and doing things differently.

Started by Sir Richard Branson in the UK in the 1970's as a music business, today Virgin is an organisation with global reach.

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